About Us

The headache Hub is a wholesome space with tried and tested products I have sourced to support people just like me that may suffer from migraine or headaches. Our products are also inline with helping ease anxiety and stress symptoms naturally.

Story behind the brand: At age 6 I had my first CT scan to investigate reoccurring headaches and unfortunately that was just the start of a long journey with headaches and migraines. In my early 20's I received the diagnosis of "Chronic Migraine". For as long as I can remember I have spent almost every day with either a headache or migraine. Over the years they have become progressively worse and have increased in frequency. During this time I have trialed many different preventatives and remedies to conquer them however I have not been able to rid them completely.

The intention for creating The Headache Hub is to share products that I have sourced that have genuinely made a difference in my life when it comes to my own personal Chronic Migraine journey. I am proud to be creating this space where my products and experience can benefit others.

Watch this space as The Headache Hub community will continue to grow with more trustworthy products and an open space where we can discuss the impact of headaches on our socials.